Located at beautiful Rongchang, Chongqing, the Pearl of the West of Chongqing, MUZIK Optical Co., Ltd. is an integrated glasses supplier with a combination of design, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. With an area of more than 10,000㎡, the company has a plate production line, metal production line, and Titanium frame production line, with a total of over 200 employees and an annual output of more than two million pieces. Since 2018, the company has passed the European CE certificate, FDA, and ISO9000 successively.


Sound management system, advanced manufacturing techniques, and skilled technicians play a solid foundation for our independent brand, MUZIK to become “the most powerful domestic product”. The company values truth-seeking, integrity, excellence, and trust, which supports the company to reach a new high repeatedly and unprecedentedly.


The company values motivations and training for talents, sending our employees to learn advanced technologies, management, and marketing in the long run. We have built a strong and competitive overseas marketing team. With the cooperation vision of integrity, mutual benefits, and win-win, and enriched OEM/ODM experience, we have gained trust from over 100 brand cooperation partners in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, building long-term business relations with them. No matter GROSFILLY Lunettes in France or KASPEREK USA OPTICAL in the United States finally choose our company after they have done numerous investigations in China.


We have acted on the operation vision of producing high-quality products with fine workmanship and building our brand by continuous improvements, and product details. We select environmental materials for frames. The design of glasses is fashionable with bright & youthful colors. Each product meets the international standard because we have manufacturing procedures at International standards, highly skilled technicians, and extremely strict quality control.


With years of development, the company helps more and more international friends use products made in China. Our overseas markets have gradually been formed and stable. To seize opportunities of the era and contribute to China success story, we will focus on the domestic market in the future. It aims to provide Chinese with optical eyewear products at a higher standard and with better services.


To realize our vision, we make plans and take actions in advance. We have obtained professional recognition from well-known pharmaceutical companies and signed a Letter of Intent. And we have been working on opening high-quality stores in Chongqing’s capital city CBD and building a domestic marketing team. We have always served each customer with professional, caring, and dedicated attitudes, acting on the company culture of truth-seeking, integrity, excellence, and trust no matter in each step of marketing. We are committed to providing our customers with professional and tailor-made services because our mission is to carry the dream of manufacturing excellent Chinese glasses.


A promising future lays ahead. Let's witness the rise of a great country.


Choose MUZIK, let the world see your changes!